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Residential Duct Cleaning Services

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Duct cleaning isn’t something you do often, but it’s something you should do right. Trust the experienced professionals at Duct Works Environmental as your go-to air duct cleaner. Proudly serving Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Southeast WI since 2001, we have the technology, expertise, and experience to get your home’s ducts clean and running efficiently.

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Our Residential Process

First, we do a walk-through with the property owner to count the number of vents and explain in detail how we will clean your duct system. We wear booties to protect your carpets and bring in tarps and corner protectors to protect your floors and walls.

Then, we cycle the furnace on and off to ensure it is working properly before working on the system. After, we cut a 10-inch access hole in the supply and return duct. Using this opening, we attach our 10-inch hose connected to a powerful HEPA vacuum.

Our flexible rod system with specialized whips is inserted into your vent openings to blast off any dust and debris on the inside of the branch ducts, to the main ducts downstairs.

The 10-inch holes are covered with a 12-inch sheet metal plate and screwed in place with sheet metal screws. Finally, metal foil tape is placed on the edges of the plate to prevent air loss. (Our goal is to increase the efficiency of your furnace, not make it worse with air leaks!)

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